Bride Etiquette: To Pay, or Not to Pay

You’re at ‘that age’ where your friends are starting to get engaged and the Hen Parties are flooding in! Or, worse, you have to organise one, which brings the overwhelming responsibility of deciding – do you split the Bride’s cost between the group?

Of course, all Hen Parties are different, but we have discussed this hot topic and identified a few golden rules for you to follow!

If the Hen is UK based, it is a lovely treat to pay for the Bride

After all, the Hen Party should be one less stress for the Bride, so it’s great if you can remove this stress financially too! What may just be an extra £20 per person could completely cover the Bride’s cost! This tends to be true of UK hens where the overall cost is less, and more people tend to attend.


If you’re going abroad, let the Bride pay

As a general rule of thumb, there tend to be fewer attendees at overseas Hen Parties, and costs tend to be higher. If you were to split the Bride’s cost, it may restrict your activities or take the cost far beyond budget. If the Bride has requested to go abroad, then let her pay. Why not surprise her with a special activity or a treat that she doesn’t know about instead – like a spa treatment, or a surprise guest?

If the Bride insists, let her pay

At the end of the day, if the Bride wants to cough up the money, then let her!

Follow suite to the precedent set in your friendship group

What normally happens in your friendship group? If a norm has been reached in your friendship group, stick to it! We all want an easy life!

Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule, but we hope these golden rules and etiquettes help you!


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